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How to make your affiliate link:

We are listed on the marketplace of Plimus. You earn an outstanding 55% commision on each Apple Unlocker Software you sell. To join you must get a free account with plimus.

Step 1: Setup Plimus Account

If you don't already have a Plimus account, your first step is to create an account.

1) Go to Click Here!

2) Enter all Required Information

3) Check to agree with Terms and Conditions

4) Click the Submit Button

If you need any additional information about Plimus you should see their FAQ, we are located in their marketplace as 'AppleUnlocker'

5) Once approved by us AppleUnlocker. The system will give you an affiliate code.

Placing the Affiliate Link On Your Site or Your Newsletter

After your affilate link is setup, the next step is to place the link on your blog, website, or newsletter. Copy and Paste one of the codes from the Image Link or Text Link areas below to create a respective link. Make sure when you copy and paste, you replace the XXXXX with your personal affiliate code.











software box





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